Student in grade 7 plants 250 trees in West Pokot

Elia Perur champion of tree planting in West Pokot

He uses water from a nearby river to irrigate a tree nursery at his home in Tampalal village located in Kapenguria, West Pokot County. That’s Elia Perur — a grade 7 learner at Tampalal Primary School — who started planting trees with his father at the tender age of 8 years.

The growing trees are so beautiful having completely changed the ambience of his home and village.

Elia Perur inside the garden where he has planted trees in West Pokot

“Trees are very important as they beautify and conserve the environment as he admires and shows Education News reporter the trees on seedlings and the ones which have already grown,” Perur said.


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Trees have long been known to buffer humans from the devastating effects of climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

So far, Perur has planted around 250 tree seedlings at his home making the environment cool and conducive for learning.

Perur is also determined to share the skills of planting, caring and transplanting tree seedlings with his fellow learners at Tampalal Primary.

Elia Perur inside the garden where he has planted trees in West Pokot.

The head teacher of the school Christine Lotee greatly congratulated Perur and termed him as a champion of environmental conservation.

If every learner and the community embrace tree planting our villages, community and nation will tackle the issue of global warming and climate change.

By Martin Ruto

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