How JSS in West Pokot is transforming lives of learners and community

Grade 8 learners of Tampala JSS are hosted by Mzee Riaman at his home. They visited as part of their practical application of what they learnt in class.

Community service as a value of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) was recently demonstrated by Tampalal JSS when they visited one of the oldest men in Pokot nation.

After a C.R.E  lesson, which touched on generosity and loving your neighbour as you love yourself, the learners were so moved that, together with their teacher Silas Kibore, they decided to put it into practice by going out to help others in need.

Teacher Kibore accompanied his students to this home. Here he hands his gift to Mzee Riaman.

Three of them; Kevin Kiptoo, Titus Pkopus and Jacklyne Chepkiror were tasked with identifying a needy person in the community.

They were unanimous that Mzee Riaman was the most needy among them, an old man born in 1940 in Sigor, Pokot Central Sub-county.

The learners gather around the homestead as they made their visit a reality.

Riaman, who is almost a century old, is quickly losing his sight, senility catching up with him as days drag by in the passing of time.

After informing their fellow learners about the plight of the old man, they made a few cash contributions which they used to purchase a few odds and ends such as bar soap, fruits and a tin of beans.

The family of Mzee Riaman was very happy and thanked the visitors for their great generosity.


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By Martin Ruto

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