Kisumu Girls closed indefinitely after students became unruly


The Kisumu Girls high school has been closed indefinitely following student unrests. This follows heightened tension which had been building up since Friday evening.

It is understood the students were ordered home after they became unruly.

The students reportedly refused to voice out their grievances to the school management when they were given papers to write.

*The situation escalated on Sunday morning, leading to loud chants from the students prompting police officers to be deployed to the institution to restore normalcy.

The situation got worse on Sunday when they became rowdy as a result of a blackout. The school’s board of Management then met and decided to send them home to restore normalcy.

According to some of the students, the school management has been highhanded with

others accusing the school of executing corporal punishment.

A confidential source at the school who spoke to Education News also complained about inhabitable living conditions within the school.

And last night, it is reported that the students went on rampage, with some sitting on the fields, refusing to go sleep. The matter escalated on Sunday, with students being rowdy and making noise at the school.

A source further noted that after deliberations, the administration opted to release the students home to ease the rising tensions.

He further said trouble started last night when the administration declined to allow students to have an entertainment session despite their incessant appeals.

A section of the students reportedly demanded the resignation of the current principal and other officials in the school administration.

Education News has further learnt that Ministry of Education officials are currently in a closed-door meeting with the school administration in a bid to find a quick solution in order not to disadvantage Form Four KCSE candidates who are preparing to sit for their final exams.

*The situation worsened yesterday when officers from the National Government administration and Ministry of Education tried to address them at the Dining Hall but the students defied them” added the source.

This comes a day after the Ministry of Education announced the official closing dates for schools countrywide.The school’s administration and the Ministry of Education is yet to give an official communication.

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