Governor underscores significance of TVET in growth of MSMEs

Governor George Natembeya relays the TVET centenary torch when it set foot in Trans Nzoia.

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has underscored the significance of vocational training in the growth of small and medium enterprise economy.

Speaking as he lit the centenary TVET torch, he acknowledged the sector as a vital element in economic development.

“Vocational training is essential in addressing unemployment in the country by providing learners with skills for self-employment. The accomplishments of this sector are deserving of recognition,” the governor emphasized.

The centenary torch represents the remarkable achievements that the nation has made through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

The governor was accompanied by a delegation from the TVET sector in the region led by Martha Wekesa, the Trans Nzoia County Director of TVET, John Akola, Principal Kitale National Polytechnic, Daniel Kakusha, Principal Endebess Technical Training Institute, and Nobert Wafula, Principal Cherang’any Vocational Training Institute.

Wekesa indicated that the region has witnessed a surge in admissions, with the current enrollment reaching 14,000, signalling an increasing preference among students for technical education.

“We are observing a rise in admissions as students adopt vocational training. Our immediate objective is to elevate admissions to 30,000 by expanding facilities and improving infrastructure,” Wekesa remarked.


Countrywide journey of TVET torch reaches Trans Nzoia

By Osborne Benn 

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