VC lauds new varsity funding model, terms it a game-changer

Higher Education Funding model
Taita Taveta University Vice Chancellor Prof. Simuyu Barasa.

Taita Taveta University Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof. Simuyu Barasa has hailed the recently introduced Higher Education Funding model as a game-changer that not only benefits parents but also provides ample opportunities for students from vulnerable backgrounds to access higher education without financial constraints.

Prof. Barasa reassured prospective students who had been unable to enroll due to financial constraints, stating that they would be allowed to commence their studies as the government works on securing their funding.

He explained that students falling into the vulnerable and extremely needy categories will receive full government funding through a combination of scholarships and loans, covering their tuition costs entirely.

The VC said that the implementation of the Means Testing Instrument (MTI) will scientifically assess the students’ financial needs taking into account various factors such as parents’ background, gender, chosen course of study, marginalization status, disability, family size and composition.

Consequently, students from more affluent backgrounds will rely more on loans while those facing financial challenges will receive a higher proportion of scholarships.

Prof. Barasa said that the university has seen a significant increase in enrollment this academic year, with numbers soaring from 379 students in 2022 to 1,167.

Furthermore, he revealed that the institution has ambitious plans to introduce new courses and expand its enrollment to 3,000 students next year, with long-term goals of accommodating up to 10,000 students within the next five years.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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