Youths urged to embrace TVET education 

The youth  have  been  called  upon  to  enroll in Technical  and  Vocational  Training  Centers TVC,S in  large  numbers.

Prof  Kukubo  Barasa  the  Board  Chairman  Of  Sirisia  TVC in  Bungoma  while making the call noted  that  Technical  Training  education  is the  only sure  bet  to  curb  the  increasing  rate  of unemployment  among the  young  people  in  Kenya.

Prof  Barasa who  was  speaking  at  the  institution  during  a student’s  sensitization  programme  said the  notion  that  enrolling  for  TVET  Courses is a  reserve  for  failures  in National  exams  has led to many  unemployed  graduates  who  are  still  tarmacking  looking  for  white  collar  job opportunities  which  are  currently  diminishing.

The  scholar  notes  that  Technical  skills  will also help  government  in  bridging  the  unemployment gap  in  the  country,  but it  will only  depend on whether  the  Ministry  of  Education  will  pump  more  resources into  the  TVET  Institutions  to equip  them  with  requisite  materials  and  laboratories.

In  terms  of  the  new  Funding  Model  the  Chief  Principal  of  Sirisia  TVC  Mr  Herbart  Wanyonyi  Musuya  said through  its four categories  many students  are set to benefit  from  it  especially  in  Technical  Training.

Sirisia TTI front view 

By Achola Bulimo Mathews

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