What’s next after KCSE?

Victor Ochieng'

When KCSE candidates complete their exams, a sense of liberation envelops them like molecules in a Chemistry experiment.

As I sit down to pen my thoughts at the Penman Centre in Nairobi, I reflect on life as a journey—a continuous exploration and rediscovery. Life is not a destination but an evolving path.


Things to Do

Before bidding farewell to the school compound, settle matters with teachers and administration.

Join the alumni association, mending fences and speaking positively about your alma mater.

Express gratitude to those who supported your education financially.

Secure an ID, apply for a KRA pin certificate, and open a bank account.

Contemplate income-generating activities, focusing on legitimacy.

Establish an email account for meaningful correspondence.

Engage in edutainment—entertainment with educational value. Consider enrolling in a short course or learning a foreign language.

Seek apprenticeships for experiential learning.

Emulate positive role models and learn from mentors with the right mindset.

Be an example, building healthy relationships, and strengthen your bond with family and friends.

Participate in charitable activities, volunteering to build networks and discover your talents.

Acquire skills to enhance your personal brand.


Things to Avoid

Conversely, steer clear of a hedonistic lifestyle, avoiding excessive pursuit of pleasure.

Refrain from indulging in explicit music and movies, criminal gangs, drugs, and irresponsible behavior.

Choose your company wisely and abstain from betting and gambling.

Maintain connections and resist burning bridges.

Persevere through challenges, refusing to succumb to defeat, despair, or depression.

Remember, hope is a powerful force; it propels people forward.

Learn from the resilience of Thomas Edison, who, after numerous failures, found success through persistence.


There is Help in Hope

In conclusion, as the transition from Form 4 approaches, embrace hope.

Drawing inspiration from Romans 5:5 know that hope never disappoints.

Winners persist despite failures, and success often follows multiple setbacks.

As Winston Churchill wisely noted, “Success is moving from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.”

The journey after KCSE is a chance to grow, learn, and shape your path forward.

By Victor Ochieng’

The writer rolls out transition talks for Form 4 and STD 8 leavers.

vochieng.90@gmail.com | 0704420232

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