What teachers will earn per job group after pay rise


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It is a relief for teachers who over the past two years have been fighting for salaries increment as they are set to receive the lion’s share in the salary increment for civil servants which will be backdated to July 1.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) yesterday announced a 7–10 per cent salary increment for civil servants.

According to the proposed salary increment for teachers after the Government’s proposal, the highest-paid teacher in grade D5 would earn at least Ksh173, 422 in the event of the 10 per cent increment.

Consequently, in the event of a 7 per cent increment, the grade D5 teachers will take home a basic salary of Ksh140, 577 from the usual Ksh131, 380.

For D4, the current basic pay of Ksh118, 242 will rise to a minimum of Ksh126, 519 in the event of 7 per cent.

Also, if the 10 per cent rise will be affected, there will be a rise from Ksh141, 891 to a maximum of Ksh156, 080.

Grade D3 is set to rise from a basic salary of Ksh104,644 to a minimum of Ksh111,969 and 10 per cent moves it from Ksh125,573 to a maximum of Ksh138,130.

At the same time, the lowest-paid teacher in grade B5 will see a rise from the current Ksh21, 756 to a minimum of Ksh23, 279 if 7 per cent is affected and from the current KSh27, 195 to a maximum of Ksh29, 915 if 10 per cent is implemented.

SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich said the review is about harmonisation to achieve equity and fairness in remuneration and benefits in the public service within the principle of affordability and fiscal sustainability.

“Pursuant to the constitutional principle of affordability and fiscal sustainability, SRC engaged the National Treasury on funding. The National Treasury advised SRC to consider reviewing remuneration structure within a budget allocation of Sh27.7 billion for the year 2023/24,” said Mengich in Nairobi yesterday.

Out of the Sh21.7 billion, the teaching service will receive 44.2 per cent or Sh9.5 billion under the new proposal.

By Vostine Ratemo

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