Wetang’ula decries high teenage pregnancy cases in Bungoma

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National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has expressed grave concerns about the high number of teen pregnancies in Bungoma County.

Speaking at Bumula Constituency Education day held at Siboti Secondary School, Wetang’ula emphasized that the alarming trend is jeopardizing education standards and impeding the bright future of young students.

His remarks came amid recent revelations that Bungoma County has the third highest cases of teenage pregnancies, trailing only behind Kilifi and Narok counties.

Wetangula called upon Bungoma County Commissioner Thomas Sankei to take decisive actions against those who exploit vulnerable schoolgirls.

“Anyone harboring such intentions should redirect their energies towards building a better future,” he advised, even as he rallied parents and education stakeholders to unite in shielding school-going children from men preying on them.

In a clarion call to MPs, the Speaker emphasized the urgency of enacting legislation that will protect school-going children from falling prey to men out to cut short their academic journey.

Wetang’ula underscored the need for equal attention for both male and female students, highlighting the persistent neglect of the boy child in the education sector.

He announced that to improve the education sector in Bumula constituency, the government will disburse Ksh10 million for infrastructural developments at Siboti Secondary School and Nang’eni Girls Secondary School.

Bumula MP Jack Wamboka promised to support the education sector, revealing further that his Wanami Wamboka Foundation is already sponsoring bright but needy students.

He also stated that his foundation seeks to get a permanent solution to the issue of period poverty.

By Tony Wafula

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