West Pokot school heads elect new KESSHA chair

West Pokot County Director of Education Simon Wameo (left) being gifted by one of the Principals during the KESSHA Conference in Nakuru City. Photo: Peter Otuoro

The newly elected West Pokot County Chair of Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) Lousuku Musa has said that he will prioritise improvement of quality education for the five years that he will be in the office.

Musa said he will cooperate with other KESSHA officials to ensure the quality of education in all secondary schools within West Pokot is put into consideration and learners get the best to better his future.

Speaking after he was elected Musa said as KESSHA Officials they will visit secondary schools frequently and see the challenges schools face and possible solutions to address those challenges.

“We will regularly visit schools to identify the problems and addresses them to enable our learners get better education,” said Musa.

He also added that as KESSHA county officials will lias with TSC to address shortage of understaffing in secondary schools within West Pokot.

West Pokot TSC County Director Francis Rotino (left) receives a gift from one of the Principals during the KESSHA conference in Nakuru City. Photo Peter Otuoro

KESSHA County chair said other strategies which will be put in place to improve performance among teachers include training workshops for teachers and school symposia which will streamline better performance in all sectors in school within the county.

He also said KESSHA will be organising the cluster examinations to enable students prepare for assessments and examinations in the county.

West Pokot TSC County Director Francis Rotino Lotam. Photo: Peter Otuoro

He also said that students will be exposed to co-curricular activities like drama, Kenya Science and Engineer Fair as well as sports competitions which are important to education of the learners.

Musa was speaking at Milele Hotel in Nakuru City during West Pokot County KESSHA Conference after he was elected as West Pokot County KESSHA Chairperson.

Musa got 31 votes while his competitor Akuchu Lopokor garnered 16.


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Joshua Kipkemei was elected as County KESSHA vice Chair garnering 27 votes defeating Charles Shamoi who bagged 21.

Benjamin Siwuat is the new County KESSHA Treasurer after bagging 29 votes beating Simon Kachelewa and Ruto Korimula who got 7 and 12 votes.

Newly elected West Pokot County KESSHA Secretary is Anne Loturiam who got 36 votes defeating Caroline Menarch who managed 12.

West Pokot County Director of Education Simon Wameo addresses school heads. Photo:Peter Otuoro

Organising Secretary, Vice Secretary and Vice Secretary are James Murei, Charles Merkon and Ruto Komula who were elected unopposed while Programme Cordinator, Vice Organising Secretary and Welfare are Chrispine Omondi, Luke Onyangole and Sheila Kurgat who were also elected unopposed.

Newly elected KESSHA County Vice Welfare is Livingstone Okango while Vice Programme Coordinator is Charles Shamoi who were elected unopposed as well.

The election was presided over by West Pokot TSC County Director Francis Rotino who was accompanied by County Director of Education Simon Wameo.

The two directors urged all KESSHA officials to unite and improve quality of education of learners in the county.

West Pokot has six sub-counties including Kacheliba, Pokot South, Pokot North, Pokot Central, Kipkomo and West Pokot.

By Peter Otuoro

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