VTCs in Lamu win tenders to make uniforms for schools

Learners at the Mokowe VTC perfecting their skills. Photo by Jane Wangechi.

Students in the 6 vocational centres in Lamu County are perfecting their skills by sewing uniforms for schools in the county.

The centres have been able to secure tenders to make school uniforms, a sign of confidence in their skills.

According to Education CECM Sebastian Owanga, the task was given to the Fashion and Design classes which have undergone rigorous training to become competent tailors.

Mokowe VTC Principal and instructor Mercy Ndaru thanked the County Government of Lamu for the support for VTCs, having waived tuition fees and offered free learning materials.

Governor Timamy had pledged to ensure VTCs get enough free learning materials, as well as progressively recruit qualified instructors in his transformation agenda for the TVET sub-sector.

Lamu has six VTCs; Kizingitini, Mokowe, Baharini, Lamu, Witu and Tewe.

By Caroline Wangechi 

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