Voi students take lead in tree planting exercise

Voi law courts Chief Magistrate Mildred Obura and students planting a tree at Kalela primary school in Voi

Students from Kalela Primary School in Voi have taken the lead in a tree-planting exercise within Taita Taveta County.

Addressing the event on Monday, Voi Law Courts Chief Magistrate Mildred Obura emphasized the escalating environmental degradation negatively impacting Kenyan citizens, emphasizing the importance of tree planting to counteract this trend.

Obura highlighted the court department’s commitment to environmental conservation, urging residents to adopt tree planting as a prevailing practice to restore the environment to its natural state.

“At Voi courts of law, we advocate for environmental conservation. Planting trees is one way to combat the effects of climate change,” she asserted.

Voi Deputy County Commissioner Daniel Nduti, leading the tree planting, commended residents for their large turnout and urged the local MCA Azhar Din to consider fencing the planted trees at Kalela Primary School to safeguard them from animals.

Voi DCC planting a tree at Kalela primary school in Voi Sub-county

Nduti encouraged Voi residents to embrace a culture of tree planting to meet the government’s target of 15 billion trees by 2032.

Expressing support for the government’s initiative, he stressed the importance of integrating tree planting into daily life, urging residents to plant trees on their farms and homesteads.

“We should extend the practice beyond designated areas and national holidays,” he emphasized.

Mary Waweru, the senior teacher at Kalela Primary School, applauded the government’s tree planting initiative.

She suggested that schools be provided with fruit seedlings, ensuring students benefit from both shade and the eventual fruits.

MCA Azhar Din underscored the ongoing nature of the program, advocating for weekly tree planting to ensure sustained environmental conservation.

The sentiment was echoed by Taita Taveta County Chief of Staff Pamphil Mwakio, who emphasized the importance of nurturing planted trees.

In today’s exercise, a total of 1000 trees were planted at Kalela and Mwamunga Primary schools.

Reportedly, the nationwide tree-planting initiative aims to plant 500 million tree seedlings on November 13, 2023.

Also in attendance was the Voi OCPD Bernstein Shari. Representatives from Equity Bank Voi branch, Taita Taveta Sauti ya Wanawake, Taita Taveta Human Rights Watch, and the Taita Taveta County Woman Representative.

By Michael Oduor

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