Village thrown into mourning after two students die in grisly accident in Gatundu

One of the students, Francis Mururi, who died while undergoing treatment at Thika Level 5 Hospital.

Two families in Kanjuku village in Gatundu North are yet to come to terms with the sudden death of their children in a grisly accident on Sunday evening.

Jane Mugure and Francis Muiruri, 17, who are Form 3 and 4 students respectively in Kanjuku Secondary School, were riding on a motorbike along the Mang’u-Flyover road when they were hit by another speeding motorcycle, ramming them onto an oncoming vehicle.

Mugure succumbed to the injuries sustained while being rushed to Thika Level Five Hospital, while Muiruri passed on as he received treatment.

Brian Mburu, another student on the ill-fated motorcycle, is lucky to be alive, escaping with only minor injuries.

He told journalists that he picked the deceased from their home to visit another friend in a nearby village. After the visit, they headed towards Kariminu II dam for leisure before heading back home.

“I was unconscious and upon regaining consciousness I saw my friends lying on the road. Mugure seemed gravely injured but Muiruri was speaking, calling out God’s name,” he said.

Jane Mugure died on the way to Thika Level 5 Hospital.

Mburu said that the two might have suffered internal injuries since they were not bleeding.

The visibly traumatized student noted that those who came to their rescue did not act fast to rush the injured to hospital but watched them as they reeled in pain.

“My friends wouldn’t have lost their lives if there were a quick response. We stayed at the scene for a very long time before some well-wishers rushed them to hospital,” he said.

At Mugure’s home, her mother Maritha Wairimu is deeply pained by the death of her last born.

“She was my last born child and I had high hopes in her. She was an obedient child and was focussed on her studies, hoping to even further it in the near future. It’s so painful to lose her,” she said amid sobs.

The families at the same time pointed an accusing finger at the Kiambu County Government over the deplorable state of health facilities in the area.

Joe Mwaura, Mugure’s brother, said that there were no medics at Mubao Health C entre and Igegania Level 4 Hospital, forcing them to make the journey to Thika.

Stephen Mwangi, the grandfather of the deceased, called on the contractor tarmacking the Thika-Mang’u-Flyover road to erect speed bumps, install culverts and construct matatu stages along the road to reduce carnage.

About two weeks ago, six people died in an accident at Nyamathumbi area along the road after two matatus crashed in a head-on collision.


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By Kamau Njoroge

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