Vihiga JSS intern teachers peacefully rally demanding permanent jobs

KUPPET Vihiga Executive Secretary Sabala Inyeni together with other union officials from the branch led JSS intern teachers for a peacful demonstartion in Vihiga's Mbale town

Junior Secondary School (JSS) intern teachers in Vihiga County have held a peaceful demonstration in Mbale town to advocate for their transition to permanent and pensionable positions by January 2024.

Led by Sabala Inyeni, the Executive Secretary of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) in Vihiga, the teachers presented their case in a petition to the National Assembly Education Committee, chaired by Tinderet MP Julius Melly.

In the petition, Sabala highlighted the teachers’ concerns regarding the government’s purported plan to renew intern contracts and shift JSS to secondary schools.

A section of Vihiga’s JSS intern teachers during the demonstration

The teachers argued that their one-year service deserves confirmation into permanent and pensionable terms, expressing apprehension that the government may exploit the availability of fresh university graduates as a source of inexpensive labor.

The petition urged the National Assembly Education Committee to leverage its oversight role in education matters, emphasizing the committee’s potential to advise the government on pertinent issues.

Additionally, the teachers called for a halt to TSC’s contract renewal plans and advocated for increased funding to facilitate the immediate confirmation of intern teachers.

In a bold move, the petition also suggested relocating JSS to secondary schools, allowing teachers handling sciences and practical subjects to utilize existing laboratory facilities.

The teachers believe that such a transition would enhance the quality of education in the region.

The petition was also addressed to the Union Secretary General Akelo Misori and several local MPs including Earnest Kagesi of Vihiga, Omboko Milemba of Emuhaya, Dick Maungu of Luanda, Dr. Charles Gimose of Hamisi, Clement Sloya of Sabatia, and Beatrice Adagala, the Vihiga County Women Representative.

By Roy Hezron

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