Varsities challenged to speedily align with demands of CBC

President William Ruto addresses JSS students at a past function.

The government has been challenged to hasten alignment of higher education syllabus with the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) to ensure Kenyan learners acquired knowledge and skills fit for 21st century labour market.

Director National Programmes at SOS Children’s Villages Kenya, Pascal Mailu said all education stakeholders should work to ensure they educate an African child for the 21st century work demands and challenged.

While describing the newly adopted education under the CBC as a beacon of knowledge acquisition, Mailu said the syllabus skills remained firmly fit to serve the demands of labour under the emerging technical digital work challenges.

In a statement released as the World celebrated the International Day of the African Child, the directors stressed the need for Kenya’s education sector to intensify investments in physical and ICT infrastructure while fully promoting firm stakeholders’ engagement.


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‘’Continued alignment of higher education system with the CBC model remains hugely crucial,’’ said Mailu adding that there was also need  to ensure prevailing inequalities in infrastructure, facilities and teachers  that plagued some regions are tackled.

Failure to ensure equality in the distribution of requirements among all education institutions irrespective  of region  risks to compromise youth and children access and acquisition of skills to navigate through the challenges of the modern world.

Said Mailu, ”Failure to address the prevailing inequalities risks acerbating  the differences leaving the children and youth ill equipped to navigate the challenges of modern World.”

He stressed the need for unified campaigns to nurture every child’s potential regardless of their background but only through collective action guaranteed to ensure every African child receives an education that prepared them for the complexities of the 21st century.

By Robert Nyagah

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