University of Embu encourages students to pursue Mathematics

Students of Nyangwa Boys High School in Embu celebrate victory for emerging position one in the Mathematics contest for secondary schools held at university of Embu.

In a bid to dispel the fear and apprehension surrounding Mathematics among students, the University of Embu took a proactive step by hosting this year’s Secondary Schools Mathematics Contest.

The event, held in the university’s premises, aimed to foster a positive attitude towards Mathematics and highlight its significance in academic and real-world contexts chasing away the negative perception that has been there over the subject.

Addressing the eager participants and attendees, esteemed professors and educators emphasized the importance of embracing Mathematics as a fundamental subject urging students to use the subject to solve problems surrounding the nation.

Professor Jackson Wachira, a registrar at the university reiterated that Mathematics is not merely a daunting subject but rather a tool for problem-solving and critical thinking.

“Mathematics is the language of the universe. It is the foundation upon which many fields, including science, engineering, and finance, are built.

Instead of fearing it, students should embrace it as a gateway to limitless opportunities,” said Prof Wachira.

He said the contest itself was a testament to the enthusiasm and talent among secondary school students with participating students and educators showcasing their mathematical prowess through a series of challenging problems and puzzles, demonstrating both skill and determination.

Further he called on students to approach Mathematics with curiosity and creativity rather than the negative effort and perception that has been there for long.

His sentiments were echoed by Dr Millien Kawira from the Faculty of Sciences that hosts Mathematics who said the University of Embu will continue organising workshops and interactive sessions designed to demystify mathematical concepts and foster a supportive learning environment.


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“As a university we shall continue rolling schedules of activities here at the university of Embu to ensure Mathematics is loved,” Said Dr Kawira.

Brian Mutahi of Nyangwa Boys High School receives an award for securing position one in Mathematics contest for secondary schools held at university of Embu.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony, where top performers were recognized for their outstanding achievements.
Nyangwa Boys High School from Mbeere South was the giant champions of the contest after securing position one. Kangaru School and Kangaru girl secured position two and three respectively.

Dr Dominic Kitavi who heads the Mathematics department at the university said there was great improvement in this year’s contest saying this was a clear testimony that the love for Mathematics is gaining momentum day by day.

He called on students to embrace Mathematics as a vital tool for success and innovation.

By Brian Kaleti

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