Two Zetech students win award for their innovation to tackle air pollution

Moses Majengo and Kelvin Gitau have come up with solutions to tackle air pollution. Photo: Kamau Njoroge

Two Zetech University students have unveiled an award-winning innovation geared towards tackling air pollution in urban areas.

This breakthrough comes as the Government and the private sector focus on research and innovation as the key drivers of economic development.

The innovation dubbed as AirSafi by Moses Majengo and Kelvin Gitau is one of the innovations that varsity students have developed as they seek to be part of solution providers to challenges bedeviling the country and the society at large.

Speaking at the sidelines of the inaugural Inter university Power Learn Project Hackathon at the University’s Thika Road Campus in Ruiru, the two observed that their project monitors the air quality index, providing real-time notifications to communities and industries about pollution levels.

The competition attended by students and faculty members from various Higher Learning institutions in the country was dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial and technological talents among university students.

It also focused on innovative solutions that align with sustainable development goals.

“Our aim is to promote healthier living environments by enabling proactive measures against air pollution,” Gitau said.

He added, “There are numerous industries in our urban areas across the country and they contribute immensely in air pollution leading to deterioration of the air quality and our environment. Our project is aimed at tackling this menace to make our urban setups livable.”


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Other innovations that claimed prizes include SheSafe and Smart Sewerage Monitoring Project. SheSafe is a groundbreaking solution designed to combat financial fraud and theft.

The Innovation empowers individuals by providing critical information based on real-life experiences, helping them navigate financial threats more effectively.

On the other hand, the Smart Sewage Monitoring System, which enhances sewage management efficiency through real-time monitoring and data analytics.

Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof Njenga Munene said that the event highlighted the immense potential of young innovators in creating impactful solutions for pressing global issues

“The hackathon inspired students to develop cutting-edge technological solutions addressing global sustainability challenges. By hosting this event, we reaffirmed our commitment to nurturing technological advancements and entrepreneurial skills among our students, providing resources such as the Zetech University Innovation (iZet) Hub,” he noted.

The VC maintained that the success of the two students with the AirSafi project underscores the university’s dedication to fostering innovation for a sustainable future.

The VC said that similar competitions will be held several times with a year so as to nurture the innovative and entrepreneurial skills of Kenyan students.

“As these young minds continue to push the boundaries of technological possibilities, the Power Hackathon stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals,” Prof Munene said.

He at the same time called on higher learning institutions in the country to support young innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives to commercialize their products adding that this will be achieved through collaboration with the industry to help the budding innovators advance their ideas to commercial products.

“The academia and industry is vital in enhancing innovations, commercialization of scientific or research outcomes for socio-economic growth, knowledge transfer and a mutual value-addition,” he said.

At the same time, Prof Munene made an appeal for more funding towards research and innovation from the government, noting that currently the kitty stands at two per cent.

“We know the government has many things to do including financing research and innovation, but when more funds become available it will go a long way towards realising our goals,” the VC said

By Kamau Njoroge

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