TVETs told to raise practical training to 90 per cent to be certified by US society

VC Technical University of Mombasa Prof Laila Abubakar, GFP International Chair Michael Vallez ( r) and TVET Authority Director General Dr. Kipkirui Langat ( left).

GFP International founder and Chairman Eng. Michael L. Vallez has advised TVET institutions offering welding in Kenya to change their curriculum delivery to between 85 and 90 per cent practical and 10 to 15 per cent theory.

The director, who delivered a public lecture at Technical University of Mombasa, said the applications of more than 85 per cent practical will see graduates be certified by the America Welding Society (AWS).

During the meeting, the university VC Prof Laila Abubakar  emphasized the importance of welding skills in the development of the Dongo Kundu industrial park and revealed that the university has adopted the CBET approach with 60 per cent of the welding curriculum being practical and 40 per cent theory.

The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority Director General Dr. Kipkirui Langat said TVET Authority will partner with GFP International to establish an AWS-certified testing center in Kenya.

The TVET director had led a team promoting the upgrade of ornamental welding to industrial welding to pay a courtesy call to the VC Technical University of Mombasa.

The GFP International director is in the country for lecture tours of East Africa colleges, universities, and trade schools.

These lectures will be of particular interest to students of Architecture, Engineering, and trade school in helping them become future leaders in industry and foster economic transformation to industrialization.


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By Obegi Malack 

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