TVET: Students with various challenges to be factored in for HELB

HELB CEO Charles Ringera

Students with various challenges will also be factored in the disbursement of higher education loans board funds, it has been announced.

HELB Chief Executive Officer Charles Ringera allayed fears from stakeholders that students living with disabilities and needed help of assistants to apply for loans and scholarships had been sidelined.

Ringera who was addressing concerns from heads of technical and vocational training institutions at a meeting in Kisumu said some 140,000 who were on the verge of being locked out of the scheme will also be factored in.

The TVET principals had also complained about students without IDs who ran the risk of missing out from the loans.

He said the current HELB funding model is so far the best since it is student-centered.

“The scheme is different from the previous one where it was institution this module of funding follows students wherever they are” he said.

Ringera said the funds will be sent directly to beneficiaries unlike in the past when it could be sent to learning institutions.
The CEO said HELB schemes are quite different loans since the latter is repaid back.

Ringera divulged that only the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education students who scored a C+ and above will be considered for HELB funding.

Ringera said TVET students will this time round benefit from the scheme.

He said students who pursue STEM courses will get a bigger chunk of the funding.

He told the principals at least 145, 000 students pursuing TVET courses were illegible for HELB funding after securing their admissions through KUCCPS.

By Fredrick Odiero

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