TVET institutions urged to take up income generating activities for sustainability

TVET Director Benard Isalambo

Technical and vocational training institutions in the country have been urged to take up income-generating activities in order to remain sustainable.

A deputy director of the State Department for Vocational and Technical Training, Ministry of Education Mr Benard Isalmbo further said that income-generating activities (IGA) are ways of making students in the respective institutions more creative and reliable at the end of the day.

Isalambo who was addressing heads of TVETS in Kisumu said such activities are ways of income streaming into the respective institutions.

Isalambo said that TVETS should also offer courses that align with global needs.

He reminded them that graduates from their institutions should be able to compete for spaces across the globe.

Isalambo said many institutions have modern equipment which he noted have been lying idle in stores.

He warned that such equipment should be used for income generation.

“Otherwise they risk becoming obsolete” he warned.

Isalambo said there are many opportunities when institutions of higher learning pursue IGAs.

He said the same module is being applied in countries such as China, South Korea and Singapore.

He said it was time TVETS commercialized their activities like such advanced nations in order to stay afloat.

Fredrick Odiero

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