TVET heads asked to embrace artificial intelligence without fear of replacement

Mr Francis Wambua who is a senior lecturer at the Kenya school of TVET /By Fredrick Odiero

Heads of technical and vocation training facilities have been advised to brace themselves for the disruptive nature of artificial intelligence (AI) in their curriculum.

Mr Francis Wambua who is a senior lecturer at the Kenya school of TVET said artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a teaching and learning tool across the world.

Speaking in Kisumu during training for TVET heads Wambua said artificial intelligence can sometimes be disruptive.

Wambua said AI enhances levels of engagement between learners and tutors.

He said the new module is here to stay and must therefore be embraced.

The official said it also enhances administration within a certain framework.

He allayed fears that artificial intelligence has been introduced in order to replace human beings.

Wambua explained that the same cannot happen since AI does not use common sense like human beings.

“AI cannot reason like a human being hence there is no possibility of it replacing humans at any given time.” He said

Adding that it can also be used to promote skills and makes work easier.

By Fredrick Odiero

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