TUM students stage demos to protest fee increment

The Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has been closed indefinitely following riots by students that rocked the institution on Monday over an alleged increase in tuition fees.

They also claimed that there was a sudden implementation of a Ksh6,000 fee for labs and practicals in the department of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The students had earlier organized a peaceful demonstration to air their grievances but became incensed after the administration allegedly turned a blind eye to the protests.

During the chaos, the students’ center and several businesses including a fast-food restaurant were set ablaze.

A student claimed that they went on strike after feeling that their concerns were inadequately addressed during a consultative meeting with the administration.

Police officers and firefighters were swiftly dispatched to the scene to restore order.

They lobbed teargas at the demonstrating students as the two parties engaged each other in running battles.

By Thuita Jaswant

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