TSC yet to adjust pay for recently promoted teachers

Dr Nancy Macharia, TSC CEO

Deputy principals who were promoted and moved from Grade D2 to D3 in August this year are yet to receive their commensurate salaries despite being issued with promotional letters.

The teachers were promoted to Principal at Grade D3 T-Scale 13 and deployed to new stations after the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) released the list of over 3,000 successful applicants for promotion to administrative positions of Principal and deputies, among other ranks.

The Commission had re-advertised 3,995 positions in May 2023 where interested teachers were given up to June 2, 2023 to submit their applications online.

According to the re-advertisement of May 25, 2023, the vacancies included 3, 313 posts for Principal, Deputy Principal, Senior Master, Secondary School Teacher, Head Teacher, and Deputy Head Teacher of secondary and primary schools.

The positions were distributed as follows:

Principal (regular secondary school) T-Scale 13 – 349 posts, Principal (SNE Secondary School) T-Scale 13 – 11 posts, (where Hearing Impairment took 7 posts, Visual impairment 2 posts, and Physical Impairment 2 posts), Deputy Principal I T-Scale 13 took 9 posts, Deputy Principal II T-Scale 12 were 363 posts, and Deputy Principal III (SNE secondary) T-scale 11 was allocated 13 posts.

Deputy Head Teacher II (regular primary school) T-Scale 9 had 2,568 posts.

In the recently signed pay deal between the three teacher unions and the Commission, Principal and Deputy Principal I at Grade D3 T-Scale 13 are to earn a monthly basic salary of between Ksh105,182 on the lower side and Ksh127,069 on the higher.

Currently, the teachers earn the salaries for their previous Grade D2 T-Scale 12 (which include Deputy Principal II and Senior Master I), where the lowest teacher earns Ksh92,111 while the highest takes home Ksh110,551 in basic salary.

However, a TSC official who did not want to be quoted dispelled the fears of teachers, assuring them that everything was in order and that they should be patient.

The officer said that the teachers were promoted only recently and some of them are yet to report to their new stations, while in many cases TSC was yet to receive casualty returns after they report to the new stations.

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