TSC releases new allowances guide for teachers living with disability

Teachers Service Commission CEO Dr Nancy Macharia.

 Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has released remuneration personal guide for teachers living with disability.

In a memo signed by TSC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Nancy Macharia addressing all teachers dated June 11, 2024 and seen by Education News revealed that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has reviewed the types of disabilities that attract payment of allowance to employees in Public Service including teachers and the secretariat staff at the Commission.

TSC said that SRC reviewed the type of disabilities in a circular referenced SRC/ADM/11(190) dated March 7, 2024.

The types of disabilities reviewed by SRC includes the deaf, blind with low vision and are using a magnifier but drawing the print nearer the eyes.

Teachers with low vision problem as per SRC are eligible to be based on an Ophthalmologist’s report where the Visual Acuity is 6/60 and below, which is Severe Visual Impairment.

Other forms of disability include; teachers who use a wheelchair, pair of crutches, walking frames, and those that engage both hands while using a walking aid.

SRC allocated a personal allowance of a flat rate of Ksh20, 000 per month payable as part of the monthly remuneration to the beneficiary for public officers living with disability which covers the teachers.

The Commission revealed that the payment of the allowances was effective from February 14, 2024 and those who would wish to apply for the allowance should do so as guided by the remuneration Act in 2015.


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In a recent report submitted by the Senate Committee on National Cohesion, Equal Opportunity, and Regional Integration which is chaired by Marsabit Senator Mohamed Said Chute aiming at conducting a comprehensive assessment of diversity among employees in various state departments and government agencies, revealed that a sum of 5, 666 teachers employed by TSC are living with disabilities.

The report also sought to shed light on areas for improvement to help in addressing disparities in employment opportunities.

Among the various disabilities, teachers with speech impediments are the least represented numbering only 40, followed by individuals with multiple disabilities at 43. The figures also highlight the low representation of teachers with mental (104), hearing (389), visual (1,741), and physical (3,349) disabilities.

The report also revealed that the Commission’s secretariat has 135 individuals living with disabilities. This includes 12 with hearing impairments, eight with mental disabilities, seven with multiple disabilities, 71 with physical disabilities, two with speech impairments, and 35 with visual impairments.

By Vostine Ratemo

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