Train youths to be entrepreneurs to curb the upsurge of unemployment, institutions told

University Innovation-and-Trade Fair
Machakos University exhibition stand at the University Innovation and Trade Fair on 23 August 2023 More than 20 institutions exhibited at the Trade Fair /Photo Stephen Muthini

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Machakos University Chancellor Dr. James Mworia has stressed the need to train youths to be entrepreneurs able to export their services to the global market.

Dr. Mworia said the training institutions in Kenya were churning out 800,000 graduates every year with the job market absorbing only 100,000 adding that there was a need to have graduates with skills relevant to the global market.

Speaking at the 2023 Machakos University Innovation Trade Fair organized in conjunction with the Kenya Chamber of Commerce, Unleash African Economies Ltd and other exhibitors, Dr. Mworia said the purpose of the exhibition was to create a platform for the youth going through University education to venture into entrepreneurship and also export their skill into the world market.

“Every year, we are producing 800,000 youths into the job market but are only able to create 100,000 jobs.

Our mission as a University is to provide scholarly education for social-economic transformation but since we are not creating enough jobs, we have a responsibility to train our youths on entrepreneurship so that they are able to export their skills,” said Dr. Mworia.

Dr. Mworia pointed out that Africa was blessed with human capital and there was a need to provide training which was relevant to the rest of the world.

Unleash African Economies Chair Dr. Susan Musyoka said there are fewer jobs in the job market than the graduates coming out of training institutions and there was a need to train them on creating jobs instead of going out to seek jobs.

She said Unleash African Economies will continue providing the linkage between training institutions and entrepreneurship for young people to unleash their potential.

“It’s time for us to unleash the potential of these young people and ensure that they go out there and become employers not employees,” said Dr. Musyoka who is a medical doctor and the former Machakos County Woman Representative.

Various organizations including, the Universal Traders Sacco, Lower Eastern Coffee Millers, and the Export Processing Zone among others exhibited at the Trade Fair.

Over 20 enterprises put up exhibition stands at the Trade Fair.

By Stephen Muthini

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