Tharaka University launches Ksh. 40 M water project

Prof Peter Kinyua Muriungi, the acting Tharaka University Vice Chancellor at his office recently.

Tharaka University has initiated a Ksh. 40 million domestic water project.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Kinyua Muriungi, said that the project aims to provide a solution to the perennial water scarcity issue plaguing both the institution and its neighboring community.

“Lack of water has been a substantial challenge, particularly during dry spells,’ he noted.

Prof. Muriungi also advocated for the planting of millions of indigenous trees in the vicinity, seeking to transform the region’s environment.

Furthermore, the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its existing initiative to cultivate thousands of trees.

These trees not only contribute to a greener campus but also set a positive example for the local community.

By John Majau

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