Teachers venture abroad after landing lucrative jobs in the US

Dr. Peter Gathu Ruhiri, director Pesuar International job placement consultancy.

Kenya graduate teachers now have a reason to smile after landing well-paying teaching jobs in the United States of America (USA) thanks to Pesuar International job placement consultancy.

The job link company has secured opportunities for Kenyans to teach in various learning institutions in Baltimore City in Maryland, USA.

According to Dr Peter Gathu Ruhiri, Pesuar International director, 100 teachers are expected to start their teaching practice in August next year when the school calendar starts as there is a shortage of teachers in the USA.

He was speaking during an interview session for the teachers at NIBs Technical College in Ruiru on Tuesday.

“In the USA there is a teacher shortage where we took advantage of the opportunity to help Kenyan teachers to get placements,” said Ruhiri.

He said the teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in education and have experience of over three years in the teaching practice, saying the programme started last year when 12 teachers were placed in Missouri State.

Teachers with zero experience will have a starting salary of $58,000 per annum as they progress annually.

“A teacher with 10 years of experience could hypothetically make $75,000 to $85,000 a year,” she said.

She said that the teachers who are being interviewed have to get their credentials verified through official transcript analysis.

“We are looking for teachers who predominantly teach Maths, Sciences and special education,” she said.

David Njogu, a teacher who underwent an interview, said it is a great opportunity for them to seek greener pastures.

“This is a great opportunity for us teachers to get experience elsewhere and this will also create opportunities for Kenyan teachers to get placements in the positions we have left vacant,” he said.

He said the opportunity provides better pay as, locally, teaching remuneration is not commensurate with the hard economic times that have faced the country.

“If you look at teachers’ pay here in the country, their pay grade is lower than Ksh100,000 and the pay that a teacher will get in the USA is five times higher. This is a great opportunity for the teacher,” he said.

He said he is prepared to face the challenges ahead as they have been taken through what to expect in the USA in terms of culture, climate and language.

By Felix Wanderi

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