Teachers told to embrace ICT to spur innovation in education sector

ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo
ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo. He has asked teachers to embrace ICT as a way of encouraging innovations amongst learners.

Teachers in the country have been encouraged to embrace technology, not as a colourful addition to their career but as a powerful tool for technological innovation.

Speaking recently at Bondo Teachers College, Information, Communications and the Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eliud Owalo said education is at the forefront of the ongoing digital revolution in the country.

The CS said that Teachers Training Colleges (TTIs) are the intersection of traditions and technological innovation, observing that the role of educators is pivotal in shaping the minds into a future defined by knowledge, creativity and technological prowess.

He said the digital landscape offers an array of platforms that could revolutionize the way teachers engage students, impart knowledge and cultivate their thirst for learning.

“Whether it is virtual classrooms, interactive learning applications or collaborative online projects, technology offers an avenue for creativity and dynamism in education,” said the CS who was flanked by Bondo MP Dr Gideon Ochanda and Siaya County Commissioner Julius Otieno, among others.

CS Owalo inspecting a digital laboratory at Rongo University. He has encouraged teachers to spur innovation through ICT.

Owalo encouraged teachers and the education fraternity to seamlessly integrate technology into learning methodology, allowing it to enhance but not replace the invaluable human connection which is at the heart of education.

He on the other hand asked the teachers to instill values into the learners as regards the use of technology.

“As educators, you are not just dispensers of knowledge but also guardians of integrity, empathy and responsibility,” Owalo stated.

The CS observed that in a world dominated by screens and interconnectedness, teaching digital ethics is as important as imparting traditional values.

“As we embrace technology, we know that there are challenges within the technological space, just the same way we have opportunities, so let us use technology responsibly,” Owalo said, adding that digital ethics encompasses a spectrum of principles, including respect for digital property and awareness of the consequences of one’s digital footprints.

He said digital technology in education breaks barriers that previously limited teaching, making it possible for teachers to transcend geographic boundaries and provide equal opportunities for learners to access education irrespective of their location.

By Erick Nyayiera

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