Teachers salary increment is peanuts, KUPPET to SRC, TSC


The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers KUPPET has urged the Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC) and Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) to give teachers a more substantive salary increment.

Addressing the  Media  at Namachanja  High  School in  Kanduyi  constituency after  attending  its Annual  General  Meeting AGM, the  Bungoma County  Branch  KUPPET Executive  Secretary General, Mr.  Augustine Kundu  Luketelo  said teachers want a 13-60%  pay rise because  the 7-10%  that has been given is not commensurate with the current high cost of Living.

According to Luketelo, the salaries are still low as compared to the workload given to teachers in public Institutions.

“As  much  as we  appreciate  the efforts  of  SRC to  up  the pay  of  teachers and other  Public  Servants, we feel  they  are peanuts  since  most of  it  will go towards  taxation  levies  such as  NSSF, NHIF  and  affordable  housing levy  and in turn  leave teachers  at  the same  level,” said Luketelo .

The KUPPET  official  used the  occasion  to call  upon  students to  remain  disciplined during  their  holidays by  using  the available time  to  study in  readiness  for their  internal  and KCSE  exams  next term.

Mr. Luketelo  told  parents to  support  teachers in  matters of school fees at  the school to  ensure  that they  attend  to their lessons full-time.

He asked the leaders and  Education  stakeholders from the County to work together and enhance the education standards through infrastructure in schools.Also present was Mr Arnold  Nyongesa, KUPPET Official  representing secondary  schools  who urged  students  joining university  to  embrace discipline  so as to emerge  victorious in  their  studies after four years.

He  said  there is needed for  Government to  keenly  rethink about  the  universities New Funding  Model  as  it is going  to be  costly to parents.

On  his  part the  Chief  Principal of  Namachanja  High School Mrs Hellen Any’anga said the  school  currently has  a student  population of  2,000 noting  that teachers  are  committed to  continue  exhibiting exemplary performance.

Mrs. Any’anga  said  that the  school  managed to be  position  four in  Bungoma  County in  KCSE  Exams 2022  whereby  a total of  130  students will  be  joining University  in  early September.

By Mathews Achola

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