Teachers receive reduced July salary after NSSF and NHIF deductions


Teachers employed by Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have received reduced July salaries instead of an expected pay rise as the TSC made deductions for the 2023/2024 budget.

They have been deducted contributions to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), to which they have never contributed before.

However, the controversial 1.5 per cent housing levy was did not affect them due to a court order suspending the implementation of the Finance Act 2023.

TSC has also been making deductions to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

According to the proposed NHIF regulations (2023), all employees are required to contribute 2.75 per cent of their gross salary to the fund.

Teachers will pay more when the 2.75 per cent comes into effect.

According to reports, teachers and civil servants would not receive a promised pay rise this month because the Salaries and Remuneration Commission had delayed reviewing salaries and advising various government departments.

Though TSC has not paid teachers’ July salaries with an increment as was announced, it has now been revealed that it will be paid in August salaries with arrears.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers Secretary General Akello Misori, said the pay rise was agreed between them and President William Ruto and was linked to the passage of the Finance Act 2023, the implementation of which has been halted by the High Court.

By Thuita Jaswant

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