Teachers protest possible demotion of teachers, NSSF

Kulo Mohammed Sheikh the KNUT National Treasurer addresses the press after the Meru Central and Meru South KNUT members meeting at Gikumene primary school in Meru County. /Photo By Jeff Mwangi

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The Kenya Union of Teachers (KNUT) has rejected the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) move to possibly demote head teachers who do not have degrees.

The union has also reiterated its opposition to the move by TSC to have teachers join the NSSF pension scheme.

Speaking in Gikumene in Meru during the union’s meeting which brought together members from Meru South and Meru Central, the KNUT National Assistant Treasurer Kulo Mohammed Sheikh, said what teachers were demanding from the TSC was a review of the career progression guideline (CPG) whereas KNUT teachers should be promoted as required rather than a teacher stagnating in one job group for years without being promoted.

“What we as KNUT demand from TSC is just the review of career progression guidelines. We demand promotion of teachers as many teachers have been stagnating without being promoted”. Mr. Kulo noted.

Kulo said the second thing that teachers wanted was the implementation of the Presidential salary increment of between 7% and 10% without the TCS negotiating over the said increment where the commission wants to introduce the said increment as a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) a thing he says KNUT cannot agree with.

He said the salary increment given by the President to teachers cannot be a part of CBA because it was a gift to teachers by the President separate from the CBA.

“As KNUT we want the negotiation of the CBA for 2021 – 2025 to be re-opened. The other burning issue is the introduction of the NSSF deductions to the teachers’ pay slips, a thing that should stop.

TCS should also not choose Unions for the KNUT members.” KNUT National Assistant Treasurer added.

Albert Njeru Mutanii the KNUT Secretary Meru South who is also the KNUT National trustee noted that KNUT was opposed to the move by TSC to demote head teachers who do not have degrees noting that according to career progressive guidelines, no teacher should be demoted.

He said it was against the Teacher Service Act and assured the head teachers who do not have degrees not to worry as KNUT will fight for them.

Meru central KNUT Secretary Caxton Miungi echoed sentiments by the KNUT National Assistant Treasurer saying the Presidential salary increment to teachers cannot be negotiated as a CBA by the TSC.

“As KNUT we want the TSC salary increment of 60% and now with the 10% Presidential salary increment the Union wants 50% from the TSC failure to which, we shall advise our members to go on strike this last education calendar term when National examinations are supposed to take place”. Mr. Miungi said.

Buuri MP Mugambi Rindikiri who also attended the meeting criticized the move by the TSC not to increase the teachers’ salaries noting that teachers play a very big role in society.

The MP said it was painful to teachers that the examination supervision fees for last year’s national examinations had not been paid.

“Teachers should be listened to. TSC as an employer should listen to teachers and have consultative talks with teachers, even if there are some things they might not agree with but, it’s wise for the TSC to give teachers a chance for dialogue “. Buuri Mp Mr. Rindikiri noted.

By Jeff Mwangi

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