Teachers in Matungulu urged to up their ICT skills

Dr. Philip Munyao speaking at Koma location during a women's forum. Photo by Gastone Valusi.

Matungulu MP aspirant Dr. Philip Munyao has challenged teachers across the country to improve and equip themselves with Information, Technology and Communication (ICT) skills so as to transfer the required competence to students.

Speaking while addressing a women’s forum at Koma location, Dr. Munyao noted that the world had gone digital and asked teachers to tune themselves with technological advances to ensure learners do not miss out on opportunities in their future careers.

“For our country to run a viable education system and catch up with the rest of the world technologically, we must align our education system technologically with the rest of the world,” he said.

Dr. Munyao also called on the government to employ more Special Needs teachers who can communicate with deaf students in the county.

He said that most schools for the deaf, especially in rural areas, were understaffed and present teachers had limited understanding of sign language.

The aspirant added that it will be hard to achieve Vision 2030 goals if the government fails to implement policies that address difficulties facing children with special needs in primary and secondary schools.

By Gastone Valusi

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