Teachers in Homabay demand hardship allowance from TSC


The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) now wants TSC to provide hardship allowance to Homabay-based teachers.

The teachers’ union members were speaking during the KNUT Suba branch annual general meeting that was held at Mbita High School.

The branch executive secretary madam Roselyne Olambo pleaded with the government to ensure that the tutors in that region are paid hardship allowance as most of the areas in the region are inaccessible.

She stated that the only areas marked by the government as hardship were Mfangano and Rusinga areas.

But there were other places in the region which are worse than the two mapped areas she said.

“I am pleading with our government to consider the whole Suba region being declared hardship region.

There are some areas like Intororo Primary School which cannot be accessed even by motorcycles”,  Olambo averred.

KNUT national executive secretary Collins Oyuu dissuaded the teachers who managed the previous national examinations not to avail themselves if the government will not make an effort to pay them for the work they did.

He said he had visited the “Mtihani” house to make a follow up on the progress of the matter, but the only response he was given was that the money was ready just awaiting dispatch to various recipients’ bank accounts.

“My fellow teachers, if KNEC doesn’t pay for your hard labour before next examinations do not avail yourselves to administer the upcoming exercise”, Mr. Oyuu stated.

On his end, senator Kajwang lauded KNUT for being the only union that has lived to its mandate of fighting for its members’ rights.

He decried that other unions have been turned to briefcase employees’ rights activists.

The senator advised Oyuu not to let the union die as other unions have.

“The reason for my undying love for KNUT is the way they articulate their issues.

I love this union because unlike other trade union organisations, you have vowed not to go to bed with the government of day.

This is how unions in developed nations operate”, Kajwang attested.

Others in attendance were the national government water secretary Eng. Sam Alima and the county’s Education CECM member Mr. Martin Opere who was once a senior principal within Suba North Sub County.

By Orwa Charles

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