Teachers advised to ignore low pay as theirs is a noble profession

Students of Kenyenya Secondary School cleaning the enviroment as part of celebrating World Teachers Day. Photo Enock Okong'o.

Teachers have been advised to ignore the measly pay they get and work hard to deliver a good education to children under their care.

Speaking during the World Teachers Day celebrations in Kisii County,  Bonyunyu Secondary School Principal Zachary Omwoyo told teachers not to look at the amount of money they get, but instead to stretch their eyes to see the great impact they create in society.

“You get little in terms of monetary gain but the blessings poured into your families are unfathomable,” he moralized.

He observed that unlike any other, the teaching profession is a noble calling that adds value to human beings.

The educator asked both national and county governments not to deceive teachers in falsified salary reviews, but instead motivate them through grants to build decent homes or start good sustainable businesses.

Elsewhere, Kisii National School Principal Fred Mogaka led the staff and students to celebrate World Teachers Day, praising his former teachers for moulding him and promising to reciprocate by dedicating his life to the education service.

“I love my work. I implore colleagues to embrace a similar attitude because ours is a call to serve and salvage humanity,” he said.

Kenyenya Secondary School students joined hands with the staff to clean their compound as part of the celebrations, later planting flowers, playing games and sharing meals to show their solidarity.

By Enock Okong’o

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