Teacher sentenced to 35 years for defiling his 8-year old pupil

Etago Magistrate Vane Moguche has sentenced a 30-year old teacher to 35 years in prison for defiling an 8-year old minor.

A 30-year old teacher in Kisii County has been sentenced to 35 years in jail after Etago Magistrate Vane Moguche found him guilty of defiling a Grade 4 minor contrary to section 8 (1) (2) of the Sexual Offences Act.

Based on the prosecution’s case, the teacher raped an 8-year old girl in the school compound on various dates between February 2023 and June 2023.

In her testimony, the minor told the court that the accused had, some time in February 2023, released other pupils and dragged her to his house where he defiled her repeatedly.

The minor reported that the teacher had threatened to harm her if she revealed what had happened. Later, however, she shared her experience with the head teacher, who promptly reported the incident to the police, resulting in the teacher’s apprehension.

Yesterday, during sentencing, Moguche characterized the incident as revolting, heinous and beastly.

“Here was a teacher who should protect the learners under his care. Instead, he took advantage of the victim in such a callous manner,” she stated. “In this circumstance, the accused will be sentenced to 35 years imprisonment.”


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By Frank Mugwe

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