Teacher injured as protesters cripple operations in Kisii town

Protesters try to break into a phones' shop in Kisii town on Tuesday June 2. Photo courtesy

A primary school teacher is among the reported fifteen casualties of the protests in Kisii County. The protests took place on Tuesday July 2 in various parts of the country.

“I dropped into a ditch as the protestors forced me out of the main pathway on the road fell and sustained a dislocation on the elbow,” said the middle aged male teacher.

The young protesters angered the police in the hide and seek along the Kisii-Kisumu road highway as they Kenya Kwanza of being a corrupt government.

The once peaceful protests who stayed at the Kisii Cathedral Church-Kisii University junction at Mwembe Estate sneaked their way into the the Kisii town centre as they increased gradually sealing the whole of Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital round about and Capital Hotel round about.

At some point, they broke into a shop selling soda and drank many without paying as the owner watched helplessly because they threatened to beat him.

“They cleared the shop of everything. I don’t know how I will start life again,” the shopkeeper said.

A form three girl of Daraja Mbili Secondary School escaped rape narrowly when she was taken by boda boda operator who carrying her to school but led her into a house in disguise of shielding her from the protesters.

“When we reached the house he suddenly closed the door behind us and asked me to remove my clothes but I pushed him off and ran away but my bag of books dropped at the doorway,” she narrated.

The protesters are said to have moved to invade Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhandah’s CDF office and his residence but were overcame by police officers who used tear gas canisters to reverse their course.

Homestead attendant of the MP refuted allegations from the public that the residence was set ablaze.

“They tried to enter the compound but were barred by the police although they pelted stones and broke windows of the main house and broke the exit gate as well but the damage was not big,” he said.

The protests were reported to have sought vengeance over the Nyaribari Chache MP because he voted yes on the dropped 2024 controversial Financial Bill.

Parents who talked to Education News appealed for reconciliation between the protesting Gen Z and the government to enable children travel to school freely without fear.


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Reliable sources from some boda boda riders who usually conduct their businesses in Kisii town and its environs until late night hours confided to Education News about the clandestine strangers who have crowding the town.

The confided that most of those goons in the region leaving the demonstrations targeting specific people are not of Kisii origin and they seem to take instructions on which business to invade and which one to spare.

Protests in Kisii town.

After making several attempts of attacking Nyaribari Chache MP Jhanda’s residence on Tuesday but were repulsed by the police, they immediately made advances towards Diplozz Resort where they tried to break and loot property.

Then they left systematically to attack Ufanisi Resort where they too made attempts to attack with stone, burning and invading the premises.

They reportedly vandalized electricity connections at the Resort and its surroundings before the police intervened.

Information at hand reveals that some hooligans made their way to Kisii town on Monday night in buses in the cover of the dark.

“The strange youth were transported here in a 30-seater mini bus KDK whose knick name is Engima, white with yellow strips.” said one boda boda operators who did not want to be named because he feared for his security.

When contacted Kisii County Police Commander Charles Keses was contacted he confirmed presence of youth protesters in the county but denied of having of any outsiders flooding into the region to cause chaos.

“There are isolated cases of protests here and there by our youth but our security officers are controlling them,” he said.

Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital CEO Dr Marita Oimeke confirmed that one man died while 15 were nursing wounds in the hospital.

“The deceased died from over bleeding from two gunshots on both thighs,” he said.

Among the casualties, he said is a police officer, who suffered shoulders and arms injuries from stones thrown by protesters.

By Enock Okong’o

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