Teacher arrested over unrest at Kisumu Girls released

Kisumu teacher
Kisumu KUPPET Executive Secretary Zablon Awange addressing the press.

A male teacher who was arrested in connection with the unrest at Kisumu Girls High School, which led to its closure, has finally been released.

Kisumu KUPPET Executive Secretary Zablon Awange condemned the incarnation and subsequent arrest which took place on Sunday after the chaos.

Speaking to Education News, Awange said that the teacher in question was arrested merely as a scapegoat saying that there was no evidence to link the teacher to the incident.

Awange blamed the Nyanza Regional Director of Education Nelson Sifuna for sanctioning the arrest but Sifuna denied the allegations adding that the teacher was only brought in for questioning.

“We as education officials were also questioned over the matter,” he added.

Sifuna said that he had dispatched officers from the National Government Administration and Ministry of Education to the school to investigate claims that a sick student died due to negligence by the school while another was paralyzed.

Kisumu teacher
Nyanza Regional Director of Education Nelson Sifuna addressing the press

He said that the students were given papers and asked to write down their grievances but they refused further worsening the tension.

The unruly situation escalated on Sunday morning leading to loud chants from the students prompting Police officers to be deployed to the school to restore normalcy but in the evening, the students became more rowdy after an electric blackout.

“There was a blackout and they started shouting and throwing papers. The Board had a meeting and resolved that to restore order the school closes as they look into their grievances,” he said.

According to a source at the school, some students have been complaining about the inhabitable environment at the institution while another source alleged that a section of students have been demanding the removal of the current Principal.

By Fredrick Odiero

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