Support technical training to address unemployment in the country- State urged

Technical courses

The government has been urged to put more emphasis on technical training to address unemployment in the country.

This is after recent data released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) indicated that more than three million Kenyans, majority of who are youths, are jobless.

Stakeholders, who spoke at Gorgeous Technical Training Institute (GTI) in Thika during the institution’s graduation ceremony where 418 graduands were conferred with diplomas and certificates in diverse fields, observed that equipping the Kenyan youths with requisite technical skills will address the unemployment menace in the country.

Led by Jubilee Party Leader Sabina Chege, the stakeholders noted that allocation of more resources to vocational and technical training will ensure that more youths and especially those who failed to secure University slots enrol for the technical courses.

“We are pleased with the efforts that the government is making towards improving technical and vocational training in the country including increasing the allocation from sh 5 billion to sh 10 billion.

We however urge the government to increase the amount so as to reach out to more Kenyan youths so that they can acquire the highly marketable skills which will enable them secure jobs or start their own income-generating ventures,” Chege said.

She maintained that there are numerous job opportunities overseas which can be exploited by Kenyan youths adding that time is ripe for the government to start providing linkages and exporting skilled labour to countries like Canada, Germany, and France among others.

Chege also called on the county governments and Members of Parliament to support technical training at the grassroots level by sponsoring students and especially those who hail from humble backgrounds to the institutions.

She hailed the recent partnership between Gorgeous Technical Institute and The George Koimburi Foundation which saw over 500 youths from Juja constituency enroll for different courses at the institution.

“Our governors should also ensure that the technical training centres are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the training of our youth,” she noted.

Chege at the same time told students and graduates that skills without technology will disadvantage them.

She said that creativity, being innovative, and being well-versed with the relevant technology will give them a competitive edge in the job market noting that modern technology is hastily taking up most jobs.

“Soft skills go beyond technical skills and we must endeavor to be techno-preneurial individuals because there’s a wide application of technology in almost all areas. Therefore don’t miss out on the relevant technology,” she said

GTI Director Jackie Waithera challenged learners to be entrepreneurial, noting that in the near future, close to 70 per cent held by people will be occupied by technological advancements.

Noting that it won’t be a bed of roses after graduation, Waithera told the graduates that they should face challenges and have a positive attitude to overcome them in order to be successful.

“Don’t let the challenges deter you from achieving your goals and don’t give up on knocking on doors. Again create a network of individuals who can help you shape and grow your careers,” she said

She noted that faculty and staff development will be upheld to enhance quality teaching, research, innovation and professional practice.

“We want our graduates to be resourceful and live in integrity so that they can be a problem-solving lot so as to make meaningful contributions to the community and the country at large. We are training job creators, not job seekers,” she said.

By Kamau Njoroge

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