Summit on value of research in higher education kicks off

2022 KCSE candidates
Higher Education Permanent Secretary (PS) Beatrice Inyangala.

The Educational Management Society of Kenya (EMSK) has kicked off the ninth Research International Conference which brings together scholars from various universities in Africa and beyond to discuss how research can be used to improve the quality of higher education.

Organized in collaboration with Rift Valley Reading Association (RVRA), Egerton University and the Education and Social Sciences Research Association of Kenya (ESSRAK), the conference rides on the theme ‘Restructuring Education, Training, Research and Innovation for the 21st Century and Beyond’.

Higher Education PS Beatrice Inyangala said the conference will create an avenue to promote quality education in Africa.

“We continue to encourage scholars (to get involved in research) to build economic development through technology and knowledge,” she said.

EMSK chairman Dr Eliud Nyakundi said the main aim of the conference is to encourage scholars to be actively involved in research and advocacy in order to spur meaningful development in issues relating to educational management, policy development and capacity building.

“EMSK has succeeded in capacity building of members through organized workshops, trainings and seminars. It has also successfully organized eight international research conferences since it was formed,” he informed the attendees.

EMSK members include managers of learning institutions, academics, researchers, education officers and other practitioners in the education sector.

On his part, EMSK conference chairperson Prof Henry Onderi said education, training and research are key components in pursuit of Vision 2030 for sustainable development.

The participants are drawn from various universities within and outside Kenya, among them Moi, Egerton, Kabarak, Kisii, Makerere, University of South Africa, University of Tabuk (Saudi Arabia), and Vesitas University (Nigeria), among others.

By Peter Otuoro

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