Sub-County Directors, CSOs deserve better from TSC

TSC Directors tender airtime
TSC Headquarters

The Teachers Service Commission(TSC) Sub-County Directors and the Curriculum Support Officers oversee the day-to-day operations of the Teachers Service Commission offices at the grassroots and have done a commendable job in areas under their watch.

Their mandate is overseeing, coordinating, promoting, and implementing departmental programs.

Their other role is to oversee projects, policies, procedures, and general learning programs, provision of technical support to stakeholders, and partnering in mainstreaming education matters.

This means that their roles can’t be underestimated and play a very pertinent role.

Thanks to the Teachers Service Commission(TSC) for advertising various slots in learning management. Since these officers indeed represent the Chief Executive Officer at their levels and her presence is felt all over the republic.

Education and learning are not just the reserve of a few but entirely touch on the lives of all Kenyans.

The Sub-County Directors’ role is to vet all documents emanating from the grassroots levels before they are forwarded to the county, regional, and Teachers Service Commission headquarters.

These officers have gradually advanced from classroom teachers to curriculum officers and are endowed with much experience and knowledge.

It’s therefore necessary to accord these officers the desired support to deliver on their mandate.

The curriculum support officers are equally essential in zonal settings since they observe teaching techniques, conduct demonstrative lessons, and advise teachers on appropriate teaching methodologies.

Additionally, they assist in setting up and organizing school subject panels, examinations, and assessment procedures.

The greatest riddle is the remuneration of these officers, the lowest earning a paltry 62,272

These officers administer teachers who earn a lot more than themselves

The government should look into the proper remuneration of these officers and pay them just like the Teachers Service Commission Secretariat officers.

There are four levels of these officers

  1. Curriculum support officer-11- Scale 10
  2. Curriculum support officer – 1-Scale 11
  3. Senior curriculum officer-Scale 12
  4. Chief curriculum support officer-Scale 13

With all fairness in place, Curriculum support officers should earn more than the Teachers they supervise.

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