Students whose university loans, scholarships were rejected asked to appeal

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The Universities Fund Board Chairperson Prof. Karuti Kanyinga.

The Universities Fund (UF) has asked students whose government scholarship applications were rejected  to urgently make appeals.

In a statement released on September 14, UF stressed that several factors including government oversight or errors could have led to the rejections.

Students who received less funding than expected can also request a review of their award amount.

“An individual may appeal or request a review of their Government Student Scholarships award if they were not satisfied with the amount given,” UF explained.

To initiate the appeal process students should visit the UF portal, log in to their account and navigate to the Appeals tab.

Within the Reason for Appeal field, they must provide a detailed explanation of why they require additional funding and attach supporting documents such as financial statements, academic transcripts or letters of recommendation.

The UF platform will evaluate these appeals and communicate their decisions a few weeks after submission.

However, it’s essential to note that only Kenyan-born students are eligible for the scholarships under the new university funding model.

“The Government Student Scholarship is restricted to Kenyan citizens only. International students should explore funding options through their universities, governments or financial aid offices based on their eligibility.” UF stated.

By Thuita Jaswant

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