Strengthen security to promote safe environment for teachers, Govt urged

Garissa Governor Nadhif Jamah

Garissa county Governor Nadhif Jamah and Garissa Township MP Dekow Mohamed have urged the government to ensure all schools in the county have enough teachers who are well protected to carry out their duties.

Jamah noted that as a result of the volatile nature of the North Eastern region, many teachers fear being posted to the region.

He lamented that it’s alarming that even local residents are hesitant to enrol in teaching training colleges despite his administration pledging to award scholarships to students pursuing education courses.

“We have been encouraging form four leavers to enrol for teaching courses. We even introduced a scholarship scheme as enticement yet no one takes up the offer. If our own are reluctant to teach our children, why should we blame others for refusing to teach here?’’ He posed.

On the other hand, the MP urged teachers to speak to their students and community on the importance of education and peaceful coexistence.

He noted that he’ll support the education sector, by among other things, helping put up infrastructure, providing students’ bursaries and making policy issues in parliament.

KNUT Assistant National Treasurer Sheikh Mohamed Kullow wondered how teachers could deliver if they feel unsafe in their work stations.

By Amoto Ndiewo


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