Stay closer to your children to enhance discipline in school, parents urged


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Parents have been asked to be involved in instilling discipline into their children and not to leave the task entirely to teachers.

Shieywe secondary school Principal Kefa Atsobwa while addressing parents during the school AGM said it was the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are brought up within the acceptable norms of the society.

Mr. Atsobwa called upon parents to instill discipline and take the education of their children seriously.

He regretted that Drug and substance abuse has taken a toll on the school-going children especially those in form two, something that raises concerns in the community.

However, the principal said Sieywe secondary school had shown an upward trajectory with performance and discipline being at 70 percent.

He also lamented about students who have foregone learning and are involved in gambling and football betting saying if this is not checked this generation will be worse in the next 10 years.

For Girls, he said early pregnancies are a concern that parents should hold hands with teachers to resolve especially in day schools.

“I’m asking parents not only from this school but across the country to be close to their Sons and Daughters and always monitor their movements.

Some students leave home for school but don’t reach instead they end up in clubs in town to take alcohol and drugs” He said

By Hilda Atika

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