Stakeholders step in to support demoralized, unpaid ECDE teachers


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Education stakeholders from Embu county have devised ways to support hundreds of Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers who have gone without salaries for the last four months.

The delay in payment is as a result of the national government failing to release funds to devolved units.

In some schools, understanding parents have been kind enough to contribute allowances to ensure the teachers are able to cater for their day to day needs.

The morale of the ECDE teachers has been negatively affected, yet they still do their level best to ensure children under their care are well taught and taken care of.

Parents from Itabua, Gatondo, Karurina, Kimangaru and Ndaguma primary schools confessed that despite the lack of salaries, the teachers have not absconded duty.

“Our children return home to show us what they learnt. They are also given assignments,” said one of the parents.

However, all is set to change should the latest remittances to the county government cover the salaries of the teachers.

Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire assured the teachers that they will be the first priority when payments are being made.

By Robert Nyagah

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