Why St Peter’s Seminary Mukumu topped Kakamega East in 2023 KCSE

School Principal Antony Ndondolo.

St Peter’s Seminary Mukumu was the leading school in Kakamega East in the 2023 KCSE having scored an average of 8.282, an improvement by 1.889 and the highest among over 30 schools in the sub-county.

Speaking to the Education News when we visited to know more, the school Rector Fr Antony Ndondolo observed that it was hard work, discipline and commitment that has seen the school perform well consistently, supported by a strong academic culture which ensures that the best is achieved.

He said the boys, required to strictly follow norms and tradition, are highly disciplined, which he noted is the backbone of their success.

Broken down, from the 71 candidates, 3 had A-, 7 B+, 20 B Plain, 24 B-, 11 C+, and 6 C Plain.

By Richard Shichangi

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