Spiritual welfare key to child character growth


Every child needs spiritual health in order to grow into a complete person in the future.

The greatest commandment is to love God with all our mind, body, and soul.

That means these distinct selves have to be operating at their optimum to offer a worthy sacrifice of praise to the almighty God.

Imagine being in a state of intoxication. Will the three be at their best?

In my talks, I synthesize and insist on mind, body, and soul making the total person. Which part do schools play in developing the total person, and not just that, but a fit, healthy one?

Spiritual societies in schools such as SDA, YCS, and CU play a very pivotal role in developing character.

The spiritual man

Guided by sound doctrine or even under the tutelage of school chaplains, students get to be enriched in character, grounded in Holy Scripture, and unmoved in character.

They get soul nourishment as they get to ground their beliefs in sound teaching. This they do through guided Bible study, life-changing sermons, guidance and counseling sessions, and meditation in God’s word. It is cemented by daily immersion in prayer.

Such societies should be encouraged and empowered in schools. It is through them that students, in pursuit of education, get their ‘Damascus’ moment.

It is better to have a morally conscious doctor than a doctor of questionable character. It is better to have morally sound engineers as quality roads and bridges will be built, than a corrupt one who will set death traps through shoddy jobs.


Spiritual mentorship goes a long way in our teens’ overall wellness. They will have a guide in their chaplains and patrons, who will shape not only their character but also their worldview.

Optimism, trust, respect for institutions, assertiveness, and decisiveness, as well as piousness are some of the virtues instilled in young minds through our spiritual clubs and societies.


Students are admirable in the way they organize rallies, compose songs, and do invitations. Some even take the mantle and preach when their schools don’t have speakers.

Also, some do extensive evangelism to their peers. That’s the definition of responsibility:  going above self to ensure our mates are doing well as well.


Tough mental health

Spirituality plays a big role in maintaining a healthy mind and lifestyle.  Faith, dealing with grief, temptations, anxiety, and stresses, among other cracking issues that affect young minds, are dealt with in the good book.

There is hope and plenty of assurance and joy that they learn to infuse as part of their lives, challenges notwithstanding.

Even in the face of death of a loved one, such students will come to accept the painful reality and live on the good of the deceased.

Most of these societies also have prayer bands where they literally share burdens to ease off the weight of life’s tribulations, challenges, and difficulties.

Strong religious institutions instill values and ethos for the good of humanity. Such groups of young men, few as they may be, inject real life into our school system in immeasurable ways to help their peers.

The writer is a team builder and educational psychologist

gorbagym@gmail.com or mikeochieng11@gmail.com

By Mike Ochieng

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