Sombre mood as Lugulu Girls student is laid to rest in Bungoma East

The late Sharlyne Mudola Wambusi was a Form One student.

Form One Lugulu Girls High School student who died under mysterious circumstances was on Saturday July 6 laid to rest at Makuselwa village in Webuye East Constituency, Bungoma County.

The deceased Sharlyne Mudola Wambusi, daughter to Chenjeni Wambusi a teacher at Kibengei Secondary in Bungoma and Annete Wambusi, a JSS teacher at Ikonyero Primary and Junior Secondary School in Kakamega breathed her last at the school last month.

However, no any representative from the Lugulu Girls was present during the burial.

According to the family source who spoke to Education News, first postmortem was carried out by government pathologist but it seems the family was not satisfied with the results.

They decided to carry out a second postmortem at Delights Funeral Home in Kimilili, Bungoma County and the results are not yet out.

As earlier reported by the Education News, Lugulu Girls administration had come under fiery criticism following the mysterious of Sharlyne.

Kakamega JSS teachers condoling with the family on Saturday July 6.

The tragic incident sparked outrage and confusion among parents and the local community, with students attributing the death to negligence.

A group of concerned parents gathered outside the school gate, staging a demonstration and seeking answers regarding the circumstances of the untimely demise.


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The protest was marked by a significant police presence, preventing the parents from entering the school and escalating tensions.

The parents voiced their concerns about potential health risks due to inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene practices in the school, which they fear may have contributed to the student’s death.

Chief Principal Dinah Cheruiyot said there had been no prior incidents of food poisoning in the school and emphasized the institution’s commitment to student health and safety standards.

“We have not had any food poisoning issues in the school whatsoever, so we cannot apportion blame to the school administration in this matter,” the principal stated. “Gastrointestinal issues don’t lead to death unless left unattended over a long period. We have a comprehensive approach to health matters, with two community nurses and a nurse aide for staff.”

By Joseph Mambili

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