Simplify the new higher learning funding model, Prof Onderi to Govt


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Kisii County Education Board Chairman Prof. Henry Onderi has asked the government to simplify the instructions of the new Higher Education funding model for the parents to understand, arguing that the model is confusing.

He asked the University and Colleges Central placement (KUSCCUP) to decentralize its services to the grassroots by delegating directors of education to hold Sub-county ‘Barazas’ to explain to the parents the new systems.

“Kenya Kwanza is a government that embraces the bottom-up model of development let it be felt in all sectors including education.” He said.

The chairman, who spoke to Education News at his Kisii office, said that the government may have good projections for the provision of quality education services to its people but wondered why they were hastily implementing things without involving the public who are the main consumers of the products.

He asked the government to explain plainly whether parents will pay three-quarters, half or a quarter of the total University fees charged.

“We have had incidences in the past where education systems were politicized and finally ended up failing after much money being spent on it.” He said.

He cited the defunct 8-4-4 system curriculum that was introduced during President Moi’s regime.

By Enock Okong’o

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