Simmering discontent as KNUT/KUPPET in Bomet reject promotions

Bomet County KUPPET Secretary General Paul Kimeto. The two unions are opposed to teachers being promoted and taken to Bomet when there are teachers who can occupy those positions.

There is a brewing discontent surrounding teachers being promoted elsewhere and taken to Bomet County to head schools there.

Both KUPPET and KNUT in the region are disgruntled that the local teachers are not promoted to these positions though they are qualified.

The reports therefore of impending influx of newly promoted primary and secondary school heads has elicited sharp reactions, with both unions saying it has given the planned JSS teachers’ demonstrations impetus.

According to Peter Bett, the Vice Chair of KUPPET Bomet branch, the new form of delocalization was a way of short-changing local teachers.

“Delocalization should be let to die a natural death, and any efforts to revive it through the back door are unwelcome and provocative,” he said. “So far, we are not aware of any Bomet locals promoted and posted to other counties. If you bring outsiders, take ours too of an equivalent number, we aren’t opposed to colleagues from the rest of Kenya joining us in nation building.”

The exact number of teachers who have been promoted and moved to the county has not been established, but the protests by the JSS teachers are set to take place tomorrow when schools reopen.

The JSS teachers want TSC to follow the court directive to employ them on permanent and pensionable terms instead of rushing to court to uphold internships. More news to follow as they develop.


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