Siaya gives 31,000 needy learners Ksh110M in bursaries

Governor James Orengo reacts to a comment when he distributed bursaries. he has assured principals that the money will reach school accounts soon.

Over 31,000 needy bright students in Siaya County have benefited from a Ksh110 million county bursary support programme to be distributed across the 30 Wards.

Governor James Orengo, while issuing the cheques, urged students to make good use of the bursary by concentrating on their studies so as to post impressive results and make the county proud.

The governor underscored the impact of education, terming it an equalizer with the capacity to transform lives.

“As a county, we have capacitated you to be able to learn. The opportunity is now with you to exploit. I only encourage you to work very hard to be resourceful persons in the society. Please consult your teachers to help you in studies,” he advised.

He counselled the beneficiaries against indiscipline and observed that the success of the programme is dependent on their performance.

“I hope that as your governor I’m going to be proud of you when you eventually succeed because we will have a story to tell about the impact of the programme,” Orengo said, asking school principals to allow beneficiaries to remain in school as the money will be wired to their accounts electronically.

“I’m requesting our principals to allow the beneficiaries in school; take it from me that the fees will be in schools shortly,” he stated.

He made the remarks while disbursing Ksh9 million bursary to North, South and West Uyoma in Rarieda Constituency. South and North Sakwa Wards in Bondo Constituency got Ksh7.6 million.

The governor had purposed to increase the bursaries from the previous regime allocation of Ksh75 million to 110 million.

The CECM for education Dr Edgar Otumba said he is committed towards supporting initiatives that would see students retained in school.

By Erick Nyayiera

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